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What Is A Miscellaneous Debit

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What is miscellaneous expense? | Q&A
Miscellaneous expense is often a general ledger account in which very small amounts are recorded. Generally it is best not to use this account. If another
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What is a Debit Note? - wiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions
A debit note is a document providing debtors with information about an outstanding debt. Most creditors issue a debit note when...
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What is a Debit Card? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK: clear answers ...
A debit card is a plastic card used to make instant purchases. Unlike with a credit cart, purchases made with a debit card are...
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What is dda debit checking via 1llg - The Q&A wiki
Its a legal order levy, from a creditor with a judgement or the IRS who are legally required to get a judgement and legal order before they levy your account, but ...
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What Is a Debit Memo? | eHow
A vendor may issue a debit memo to a customer if he undercharged the customer. Further, if the customer received defective goods, he may return the damaged ...
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What is the meaning of credit and debit in business accounting
Credit is giving money and debit is taking. A shop will debit its customers in exchange for goods and the customers will credit the shop for the goods. In Accounting ...
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what is difference between atm or debit card?
Askville Question: what is difference between atm or debit card? : Financial Services
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What is the meaning of debit? | Q&A
Debit means left or left side. For example, every accounting entry will have a debit and credit amount. The debit amount is usually listed first and will be
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Yahoo! Answers - What does MISC DR mean on bank stetament?
Best Answer: It means 'Miscellaneous debit'. In accounting a debit (something taken out) is shortened to Dr and a credit (something put in) shortened to Cr ...
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