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LogTool: Navy Identify asset
DLA's QBD/QBO was developed to help the Navy with ERP. It provides visibility of DoD parts stored at DDs
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Army National Stock Number Item Request Standardization
Army National Stock Number Item Request Standardization 1. The request for National Stock Number (NSN) assignment is now processed through the Defense Medical
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LogTool: Army Identify Assets
Provides easy to understand procedures for mechanics, managers, technicians and logisticians in maintaining the highest level of readiness of Army's equipment.
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Transportation and Traffic Management - DCMA | Defense Contract ...
The DCMA Official Web Site ... Intent/Outcome/Purpose: To facilitate prompt delivery of parts and equipment from DoD manufacturers/contractors facilities to selected ...
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Defense Logistics Information Service (DLIS)
Supports all logistics functions of the DoD, other Government Agencies and foreign governments through the collection, processing, storage and dissemination of data ...
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Defense Logistics Agency - Home Page
Human resources specialists are spread across DLA sites to help leaders with staffing, recruitment, position classification, organizational restructures and the ...
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