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Subacute Fracture Definition

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Subacute definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular ...
Subacute: Rather recent onset or somewhat rapid change. In contrast, acute indicates very sudden onset or rapid change, and chronic indicates indefinite duration or ...
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Acute definition - Medical Dictionary definitions of popular ...
Online Medical Dictionary and glossary with medical definitions
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What is a "subacute fracture"? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: A fracture that you had some time ago that when undiagnosed and is now in the healing stage.
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avulsion fracture - definition of avulsion fracture in the Medical ...
fracture /fracĀ·ture/ (frakĀ“cher) 1. the breaking of a part, especially a bone. 2. a break or rupture in a bone. avulsion fracture separation of a small fragment of ...
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transverse fracture - definition of transverse fracture in the ...
transverse fracture n. A fracture in which the line of break forms a right angle with the axis of the bone. transverse fracture, a fracture that occurs at right ...
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Subacute Care: Review of the Literature - ASPE
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Subacute Care: Review of the Literature Lewin-VHI, Inc. December 1994. PDF Version (47 PDF pages)
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Best Practices for Elderly Hip Fracture Patients
Spinal anesthesia, pressure-relieving mattresses, perioperative antibiotics, and deep vein thromboses prophylaxes had consistent evidence of benefit.
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Rehabilitation Following Hip Fracture, David Cifu, M.D.
Epidemiology. This web document supports information provided during the PM&R lecture series and designed to allow printing and hypertext navigation
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Fracture of the coccyx by Jean-Yves Maigne, MD - S O F M M O O
Fractures are often listed as a cause of coccydynia and many patients claim that their coccyx has been fractured. This is only partially true.
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