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Star 72 Call-Forwarding

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Call Forwarding Instructions | eHow - eHow | How to Videos ...
Call Forwarding Instructions. There may be times when you are unable to answer your cellphone and want to forward a call to your landline or office phone. Wireless ...
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Phone Codes Guide - Star Codes
A guide showing the most common telephone feature star codes - a summary of vertical service codes
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Bell Star Codes
Bell * Codes *02 DeActivate *66 Notification on Busy Signal *03 DeActivate *66 Notification (One Time Only) *12 Call Assitance (Police) *30 Cancel Forwarding
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Call Forwarding (*72) - Bright House Networks Support
Find out how Call Forwarding works, how you activate and disable it and other ways to use the feature.
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Call Forwarding (72#) - AT&T Customer Support
Learn About: Call Forwarding (72#) from AT&T Customer Support. ... Pages Don't Look Right? For a better online experience, we recommend updating your current browser ...
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Enabling/Disabling Call Forwarding
Dial *72 then the 10-digit phone number. Press Send then wait for confirmation beeps/message. Conditional Call Forwarding (no answer) Dial *71 then the 10-digit phone ...
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I have att landline, how does call forwarding work? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: here are the star* codes for you!! *72 Activate Call Forwarding How to Get It Call Forwarding is an ...
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Set Up Call Forwarding - Bright House Networks Support
Find out how to forward calls from your Home Phone and from your computer.
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How to use star commands | Home Phone support | Help & support | TELUS
Use this guide to activate and de-activate your star commands quickly.
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How do i do call forwarding on my house phone? What to forward ...
Best Answer: You must subscribe to call forwarding through your telephone service provider. To activate it pick up the phone and dial the activation ...
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