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Remove Favorite Folders Outlook 2003

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How do I remove Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders pane?
Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders pane is a handy shortcut to frequently used folders. If you don't want Microsoft Outlook's Favorite Folders your options are limited.
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How to remove favorite folders from Outlook 2003
I would prefer NOT to see the Favorites Folder in my outlook 2003 interface. I want to see just "All mail folders" I can't see how to remove
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Add or remove folders in Favorites - Outlook -
Folders in the folder list are arranged alphabetically. However, in Favorites, you can arrange the folders in any order. By default, when a folder is added to ...
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Add or remove folders in Favorite Folders - Outlook -
The Favorite Folders list, located at the top of the Navigation Pane (Navigation Pane: The column on the left side of the Outlook window that includes panes such as ...
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How to Delete a Microsoft Outlook Contacts Folder | eHow
If you no longer need the email addresses to a particular set of contacts, or if you want to clear up unused folders and files to clean up your personal profile a bit ...
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How to remove duplicate folders in Outlook when connected to an ...
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imap - Remove 'Outlook Data File' - Super User
I use Outlook 2010 to connect to two different gmail hosted email accounts, but do not use the default Outlook account. Is there a way for me to delete the 'Outlook ...
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How to delete the Sync Issue Folder in Outlook? - TechRepublic
I am using Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2000. I believe the Sync Issues folder was created back when my OL was in cached mode. My OL account has converted to non-cached ...
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Favorites - Outlook Web App
You can use the Favorites folder in the Navigation Pane to store shortcuts to the folders you use the most.
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How to delete Outlook temporary folder - RedRain
If you receive a "File not found" or "Impossible to open file" when you try to open an attachment from an email, the problem is that the temporary folders used by ...
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