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Country Code 96

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+96 which country code ? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: None of country have country code +96. But middle easts' country code starting with +96. +960: MV +961: LB +962: JO +963: SY +964: IQ +965: KW ...
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Where is telephone country code 96 - The Q&A wiki
Country codes beginning with +96 (dialed as 00 96 from many places) are in the Middle East, but you need the next digit. +960 Maldives (islands in the Indian Ocean ...
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What country has a country code of 96? - Yahoo! Answers
Best Answer: The Netherlands 096 or search here… ... ..not Australia. I thought it was. lol. Ours is 61. Sorry ...
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+96 WHICH COUNTRY ISD CODE? - Yahoo! Answers India
Best Answer: +96 Stand for Middle East Countries ... None of country have country code +96. But middle easts' country code starting with +96. +960 ...
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Can somone tell me what area this phone code is from +96? - Yahoo ...
Best Answer: check this link and scroll down it to find your country dialling code. ... You will need the next digit too ...
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International calling country code
Click on the letter corresponding to the first letter of the Country name to see dialing codes A. Click on the country name or country code to see this country city codes
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+96 is the ISD code of which country? - Yahoo! Answers India
Best Answer: +96 isn't actually a country code per se. Maybe you need to include the third digit...some countries in the middle east have country codes ...
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Spain Country Code & Spain Area Codes
Spain Country Code used for long distance calling. Instantly see ALL Spain area codes. Country codes and Area codes for Spain made easy!Alava area codes,Albacete area ...
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Yahoo! Answers - Which country do have a tel code +96? or +9665?
Best Answer: 00-96 is Thailand 00-966 is SA 00-9665 is unknown 00-966 50 is mobile number in SA ... Magandang Gabi Country Code +966 is ..... Phonebook of ...
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