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CT Prison Early-Release Bill

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Please explain: Early Release? Good Behavior? Parole? - Prison Talk
CONNECTICUT > Connecticut News & Events ... My bf was sentenced today and was cuffed and taken away immediately. It's the worst ... Welcome to PTO... In most states ...
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Early Release for Prison Inmates in California - A Solution to the ...
California has 70% more inmates than their prison system is designed to hold, so a federal court is giving officials 6 months to come up with a solution.
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Critics Again Target Early-Release Prison Program
HARTFORD — The Malloy administration says that a program allowing inmates to earn credit toward early release has smoothed their re-entry into society and made ...
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FedCURE - Second Look, BARBER AMENDMENT, Good Time Bill, The ...
ACTION ALERT! FedCURE's Contact Congress Campaign: BARBER Amemdment Good Time Bill. FedCURE On PBS. Fedcure Org FedCURE. Click to subscribe to FedCURE-org group.
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NBC Connecticut Troubleshooters | Facebook
Here's another one to ponder while continuing our discussion on the early release of prison inmates: The state ASSUMED it would save your tax dollars by releasing ...
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