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008 Country Code

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List of country codes and international exit codes
All international calling codes featured in one place ... International country codes and exit codes What are Country / Exit Codes?
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International Dialing Codes / Country Codes
To place phone calls to another country, there are certain prefixes that must be used in order to make the call. Listed in a table below are the Country Codes and ...
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Service Rate 008 - TOT IIG
Regardless of connecting time, charges for 008 international calls will vary depending on call destination. More details are available in the 008 TOT International ...
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Where is telephone country code 8 - The Q&A wiki
Country codes beginning with +8 (dialed as 00 8 from many places) are in Asia, or are transnational services, but you need at least 1 or 2 more digits to be specific ...
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MARC 21 Format for Bibliographic Data: 008: All Materials (Network ...
Field 008 character positions 00-17 and 35-39 are defined the same for field 008 in the MARC 21 bibliographic format, regardless of record type.
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Country Calling Codes
Country calling codes worldwide directory for international calling.
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American Standard Country Kitchen Sink with High Splash Back ...
Shop for American Standard Country Kitchen Sink with High Splash Back. Visit us online or call toll free. Free Shipping on Orders over 50.
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Country Calling Codes - How to call China from Singapore
Learn how to call China from Singapore. Out complete resource guide gives you the China country code & Singapore dialing code to make your international calls.
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