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0088 Country Code

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Which Country Code Is 0088? - Blurtit - Ask Questions, Get Free ...
Answer (1 of 7): I received a call from +8801929362017. From which country is this?
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Which country has this code 0088? - Yahoo! Answers
What is the name of the area that has this code for it's telephone or mobile which is 0088
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Where is telephone country code 88 - The Q&A wiki
Several country codes begin with +88 (dialed as 00 88 from many places), but you need one more digit. +880 = Bangladesh +886 = Taiwan (Rep. of China) +881, 882, 883 ...
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Country Calling Codes - Quick Reference Phone Book - A
Get your complete list of international dialing codes for countries beginning with the letter A. Our international country codes list makes placing your international ...
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International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones
Find the international dialing code or time zone for any country. Online tool will instantly show you ALL telephone prefixes needed to call from one area code to another.
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Where is telephone country code 2 - The Q&A wiki
+2 (or 00 2 ) is not a complete country code, but many country codes for African countries start with +2, e. g. Egypt (+20), South Africa (+27). Except for Egypt and ...
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Which Country Has The Code +22? - Blurtit
Answer (1 of 5): â+22â is not a country code for any country but a dialing code when you make phone calls. According to the American Computer Resources, Inc. It is ...
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What country/area code is +88? - Yahoo! Answers
I got a missed call from this number but I don't know what country or type of number it is.
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Telephone Country Codes, International Country Codes ...
Find information about telephone country codes, international country codes, international country calling codes, international phone country codes and ISD codes.
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2008 F350 Diesel CODE P0088 - Ford Powerstroke Diesel Forum
Aloha everyone....I need some advice. I have the code P0088 coming up. Now I've read a lot of forums saying to fix this and fix that. Well the code is
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